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Posted By :    Dennis Fagan  (
Posted :    9/21/2016
Comments :    I just moved here from San Diego three weeks ago. My sweet little cat Pooh became seriously ill. Did not know where to go. A friend of my sister recommended Adobe Animal Hospital. I rushed Pooh there, on Sept. 15, 2016, earlier than my scheduled appointment as she was not doing well. Dr. Matt Davis was very kind and his staff was great. I was very impressed as was a family member who accompanied me. We will be using Abode Animal Hospital as our vet for my mother's cats now. Dr. Davis and his staff really do have a genuine love of animals. I thank you all for your kindness. Sincerely, Dennis Fagan
Posted By :    Summer Wright  (
Posted :    2/4/2014
Comments :    Wow. This place is the best I've ever been to. They made me and memphis feel so comfortable and important. Dr Newland took extra time to discuss everything in detail so I knew exactly was was going on and what could happen in the future. I will never go to another vet. New customer turned customer for life. Thank you for your time. Your whole staff is fabulous.
Posted By :    Amy Price
Posted :    8/22/2013
Comments :    I have had all of my dogs going to Dr. Newland for over 20 years. He is the only vet I trust!! He is honest, forethright and genuine in his guidance. His staff is amazing and everyone will go above/beyond to help. I moved out of state and Dr. Newland and his staff allowed me to call them with any questions I had related to my pups and what I should look for in finding a local vet in the area I was living. When I travel back to AZ, I still take my babies to see him!
Posted By :    Cat Rutledge  (
Posted :    12/6/2012
Comments :    I highly recommend Adobe Hospital. It's ALWAYS a quick appointment and I get every question answered right away. I've never had problems having to reschedule when things come up, and the staff is always accommodating. Dr. Davis is great! I've had dogs all my life and never had this type of experience. Charlotte (coton de tulear) doesn't mind the vet so much either :)
Posted By :    Kareen Borzone
Posted :    10/25/2012
Comments :    All I have to say is Dr. Newland is considered to be a part of our family! No joke! He has been with us through the passing of 3 of our kids (Jefferey, Sophia & Bear), as well as now, with our Sachi and Sadie. The human-animal bond is a magical thing! If there was one man I could choose the be the gate keeper of that human-animal bond, it would be without hesitation, Dr. Newland...period, end of story! (Not to mention, he is one smart cookie, too!) We LOVE you Dr. Newland! Oh yes, and his staff, they pretty much rock, too! THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE YOU GIVE OUR KIDS!!!!
Posted By :    Denise Fulton
Posted :    3/27/2012
Comments :    I just love Adobe Animal Hospital. Dr Newland is the most caring and amazing doctor and I would not leave my dog's care with anyone else. The staff is fantastic and always going the extra mile to see how everyone is. I am so blessed to have found ths place to care for my pets!
Posted By :    Tom Jetland  (
Posted :    3/27/2012
Comments :    I have been going to Dr. Newland and his team's animal hospital for over 20 years. My cats have been so well cared for and 2 of them lived beyond 20 years with their great care. When the time came to lay them to rest it was done with exceptional kindness and concern by Dr. Newland himself. I am so grateful that he helped make a sad situation be special and dignified. The whole team is great and caring to the pets and customers. I always feel welcome. I have referred many customers and they always thank me and are wowed by the staff. My current cats are healthy and happy and get the best treatment out there, thanks to Adobe.
Posted By :    Laura Rogers
Posted :    1/4/2012
Comments :    I miss Adobe Animal Hospital and wish we had a vet as great as Dr. Newland way up here in north east Washington. It's been 13yrs since we moved away but I still remember how good he was with my dogs Sugar (a brit/springer) and Spice, my big white luvbug (heeler/akita mix) They are both long gone now and both lived to ripe old ages (16yrs) thanks to Adobe Animal Hospital. The vets around here were always amazed how old and healthy Spice was for her size and I always contributed that to Dr. Newland. <sigh> I miss having such a great and caring Vet and Staff. If only all doctors were as caring the world would be a better place.
Posted By :    LaDonna Loitz
Posted :    11/16/2010
Comments :    Our severely arthritic 14 year old American Eskimo, Lilly, received stem cell treatment at Adobe on 10/7/10 - now some 5+ weeks later we are overjoyed at the results. She's obviously in much less pain and it's as if the clock has been turned back - she's much more active and engaged and no longer hiding in corners away from the other dogs. Dr. Tom and Adobe have taken care of Lilly (and the others) for over 12 years and their quality of care and standards are the highest I've seen anywhere. It is the only place I would take my pets.
Posted By :    Margy Clapp
Posted :    9/17/2010
Comments :    Not much I can add as far as enthusiasm goes. No one can top Adobe! Our Dr. Tom is the best. My dog, Buddy, starts to whine with excitement every time we're within 3 blocks of Adobe. When we arrive, he drags me into the building, where a loving staff is always waiting to give him hugs, kisses and treats. There's not a kinder, more compassionate veterinarian in Arizona than Dr. Tom. He truly loves Buddy. He's so responsive to the feelings of animal parents, whether grief over pet loss or joy over the antics of a new pet. I wouldn't take Buddy to anyone else!
Posted By :    Jo
Posted :    4/4/2010
Comments :    Dr.Newland has cured my lab mix when no one else could! From infected ears,hair loss to severe allergies...his commitment and personal attention to my dog is why we feel we have found the best Vet in town along with his amazing staff! Thank you Dr. Newland for curing my beloved dog! u
Posted By :    Ann Peterson
Posted :    3/29/2010
Comments :    Believe it or not, my two Frenchies actually love going to the vet if it's Adobe, and I couldn't be happier with the care they get. The vets are clearly knowledgable about brachyocephalic breeds, ask good questions, pay attention and genuinely care about the animals. The staff is awesome. We've moved from Scottsdale, but still drive in to Adobe for their care.
Posted By :    Jeannie Beach  (
Posted :    3/14/2010
Comments :    Dr. Newland has been taking care of both of my cats for over a decade. He is always so kind and caring. I can tell he REALLY loves what he does and sincerely cares about animals. Thank you, Dr. Newland, for everything!
Posted By :    Tabitha Allison  (
Posted :    1/15/2010
Comments :    Dr. Newland is so wonderful.He has always explained everything very thoroughly in a manner that we can completely understand. He tells us what things are priorities and what can be done later, which has been a big help financialy too. And the whole office is filled with so much compassion. We may be moving to north Phoenix, but I will still drive to Scottsdale because Dr. Newland is our pet's saint.
Posted By :    Lindsay Morris
Posted :    9/8/2009
Comments :    My dachsund Raja is a patient of Dr. Berthiaume and we love him! They treat Raja with the greatest care and likes he's one of their own. When I had to p ut my cat Phoenix to sleep the whole staff took it personally. This is the best vet I have ever been to!!
Posted By :    Jayne Brenna
Posted :    7/21/2009
Comments :    I have had many animals for many years and have always been very picky about my vet. Finding Dr. B was the luckiest day of my life! He is truly the best Vet I have ever visited. A remarkable clinician and so amazingly caring about animals. I have never had such a great vet and the staff is a delight. You will never be sorry you entrusted the care of your loved pet to Dr. Berthiaume.
Posted By :    Linda Sugarman
Posted :    4/30/2009
Comments :    I began using Adobe when I first came to Arizona in the early 1980's & met Dr. Newland when he purchased the clinic. In addition to the great care provided by him & his team, they are also passionate about the well being of animals in general. They take the time to know each individual critter and his/her parent. You guys are the best! All I can say is I wish my Dr's treated me the same as you treat your patients and families. P.S. Great job on the website Theo!!
Posted By :    Justin Taylor
Posted :    4/1/2009
Comments :    Been taking my dogs here as long as I remember. The staff at Adobe is very friendly and professional. Have recommended Adobe to all my friends and everyone loves the service and thoughtfulness that they and their pets receive. If you want an honest opinion and the care your pet deserves visit Adobe Animal Hospital for all of your veterinary needs. Dr. B is the man!
Posted By :    Elizabeth Shaw
Posted :    2/26/2009
Comments :    Dr. Berthiaume is wonderful! I have five dogs & all have health issues. Dr. B takes the time to explain everything and is truly a caring individual. My dogs live a much healthier life because of him. Additionally, words can't describe the rest of the staff. Their genuine concern and love for animals will keep you coming back. I highly recommend Adobe Hospital and its staff for their knowledge, level of caring, and respect for those placed in their care.
Posted By :    Tracy Lindsey  (
Posted :    2/26/2008
Comments :    Mini (corgi mix) and I had a great experience at our appointment on 2/14/08! The staff was friendly and attentive and Dr. Berthiaume was just great! I appreciate you being our Vet!
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